What earns repeat business and recommendations is Jilmark’s insightful assessment of the plans – anticipating and proactively addressing any potential issues before they actually become problems – and their unsurpassed attention to detail.

Jilmark develops a team approach with the Owner, the Consultants and the Subtrades for a building that is aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective and ideal for the Owner’s expectations and needs.

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Commercial Design Build

Jilmark Construction becomes solely responsible for the outcome of the project. This includes selection and coordination of the consultants and engineers, sub-contractors, suppliers and project team. The design-build approach creates a positive atmosphere of collaboration where the team works collectively to meet the owner’s needs. The result is shorter design times, improved budget management, realistic construction schedules and peace of mind for the owner.

Commercial Construction Management

This process is similar to Design build with the exception that the Owner hires their own consultants and then hires a construction manager to act as another set of eyes from a construction perspective to ensure the designs are efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

Commercial General Contracting

The project is priced by several contractors. Initially this appears to offer more competitive pricing to the project but this is not necessarily so, as the Contractors are competing on price only and not providing valuable cost savings to the design process.

Jilmark Construction is building contractor familiar with various types of buildings including heritage buildings, apartments, condominiums, new and renovated offices, warehouses, car dealerships, churches, and schools.

In addition to building a project as per the clients selected architect or designer we are also capable of providing a complete turnkey construction project including architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical design if those are the wishes of the client. There are often cost advantages when we control the complete package as we can select the right fit of consultants for different types of buildings. This method also allows for an open communication for suggestions from the trades on cost effective solutions that can be incorporated into the design.

Our Services

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